Tuesday, July 21, 2009

..new step, new hope..

Assalamu’alaikum to all of you..I hope that we are always in a good condition..may Allah bless all of us.
First of all, I would like to thank to my dearest teacher, English teacher, Miss Eliza for let me create my own blog. Something that I don’t want to do it before. But, for the sake of my studies and to improve my English, I will do it. Hehe..this is because I don’t know how to write and hmm..not really a good idea..and also thank to Allah who create me and let us breath and live until now.
Miss Eliza gave us (me and my classmate) a term when she ask us to create the blog. First, we have to write it only in English..Bahasa Melayu not allowed! Haha..O dear..since then, I start to thinking..hmm, what I’m gonna write on..my English are not really good and fluent but I have to think positive and life must go on..haha..(such a big problem..isn’t it??)
This semester I take GTEE 1103, Writing course, a part of English. In this course, we learn about how to communicate well. It means that, how to speak polite, what we must do when meet someone and greet them. Furthermore, we learn how to write resume, a formal letter, and others which is need us to write a professional writing. I believe that it will help us in the future especially when we work at government or deal with a lot of people..the more important is confident in ourself, right? Just do it and let people say what they want..only think positive and know that Allah is always be with you..
Ok, I think I should stop here to rush for the class. In UM, only 4th year student can drive a car. A lil bit not satisfied with that..huhu..but, it’s ok..just smile and happy always..don’t be angry..
Ok, see you next time and I hope I can write better than this..end of the story..

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