Tuesday, July 28, 2009

..three basic questions..

Assalamu’alaikum w.b.t..happy to write again..thanks to Allah, I’m still alive..

This time, I just want to share about three basic questions..

  1. Why we were born?
  2. Why we are here? (everywhere you stay)
  3. Where we want to go after this?

First question..

Maybe certain of you have think about this. Why must I born to this world? Why me? What for? If we don’t really think about this, we are just like a robot. Imagine a robot..always do the same thing, at the same time on what their ‘boss’ said. But, when the time has come..fuss!! they just died..the plug was switch off. Are we really want to live like that?? Hmm..maybe not..maybe yes..

The answer is only depend on us. Please rethink about this. “

if Allah brings you to it, HE will bring you through it”………since we are in our mom’s stomach (I don’t know what term is)..we gave a promise to Allah, to live as a good Muslim..to rise up Islam in the world..bring back Islam..because of that, we were born. Never look others, but ourself..

Second question..

Why we are here..we can take an example as a student..what we have to do as a student? What should we do? Is it just for study, study and study? To get 4.0 flat? Are we really happy if we got that but, deep in our heart was soooooooo bad, so lonely, so sad..not really happy..why?? In this world, we’re not just a student but also as a Da’ie (Pendakwah)..just do a simple thing..say a simple word and show a simple act. Being proud as a Muslim is just enough..as a student, treat our friends politely, kindly,and give our love to them. Cover our aurah..especially as a girl. Please..to my girl friends out there..try to be a good Muslimah..this is also our dakwah to non-muslim..upgrade ourself..upgrade IMAN..ISLAH (baiki diri) and do it for others and Islam especially…

Surah ali-Imran:104

“Dan hendaklah di antara kamu ada segolongan orang yang menyeru kepada kebajikan, menyuruh (berbuat) yang ma’ruf, dan mencegah dari yang mungkar. Dan itulah orang-orang yang beruntung”

Third question..

So, last question..where are we going after this?? We cannot live in this world forever because there is the day that all of us will be asking by God. The first thing is about our solat. Then, about our time..waste it with something stupid and not give us a good thing or we do a lot of good thing especially as a Muslim? Ask ourself..this world is a place to do many thing as a Khalifah..what you give, you get back..

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